Friday, November 19, 2010

Next Chapter of French Fridays with Dorie

Tuesday was an ambitious day as I made the next two recipes of French Friday's with Dorie one was moderately successful and the other I never achieved the coloring on the chicken that I would have liked.  The Pommes Dauphinois (Potatoes au Gratin) were a big hit with my husband but any combination of potatoes and cheese is his favorite.  The exciting part of this recipe was getting to use our new mandoline slicer We recently just purchased one and my husband asked why it had taken us over 30 years to have one of these gadgets in the kitchen.  Perhaps it was the price as they are not cheap.

The recipe said that I could use different cheeses a way to use cheese that you might want to finish off that would go well together.  This statement I took great liberty with and used leftover fondue mixture of emmental and gruyère.  This didn't spread on top like the recipe called for so I added some other cheese that was in the fridge (unknown in name).  The finished result can be viewed below.

Looks aside all was eaten and enjoyed by all.  With this we did the roast chicken but this one I am going to try again before posting about it next Friday.

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  1. Looks yummy! I made the chicken and potatoes together too! Both winners at our house.