Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday's with Dorie "Pumpkin-gorgonzola flan"

This was my first Friday posting about the recipe that I tried from the cookbook "around my french table" by Dorie Greenspan. What I didn't realize about the Fridays with Dorie program is that I needed to post on Friday about my experience not necessarily cook and try to post (silly me).  Therefore I cooked on Friday and am posting on Saturday.

After getting home just after 6:30 I frantically was trying to get the flan in the oven.  Robin thought this recipe had to be good as anything with gorgonzola had to be delicious.  The flan was in the oven by 7:15 and dinner served by 7:45.  I believe my oven has to run a little hot as the flan was to cook for 35-40 minutes but it suggested checking it at 25 minutes.  Our flan was done at 25 minutes.

We couldn't wait for the flan to come to room temperature and it was great warm.  I wasn't sure what I thought at first about the combination of cheese and pumpkin but in the end I took bread and made sure I got every morsel of pumpkin-gorgonzola flan. Now that we have eaten two what do I do with the rest.


  1. Cute post about cooking and posting on Friday. Welcome to the club! Your flans look great. I hear they are really good the next day or two later! Enjoy!!

  2. I just realized who this is!!!! Cool to have you cooking in the club too. I look forward to reading your posts and maybe we can do a cook together one of these days. :)