Friday, November 12, 2010

Carmel Topped Semolina Cake

Finished Product

Last Friday/Saturday was my first post about my French Friday's Cooking with Dorie.  After the first Friday I realized that I didn't have to cook and post on the same day.  My AHA moment.  Therefore on Sunday with one more hour in my day I made the Carmel Topped Semolina Cake from Dorie Greenspan's cookbook "Around my French Table".  My husband's only comment about choosing this cake to make for Sunday's dessert was that it didn't contain any chocolate.

While making the cake there were only  a couple of incidents.  One our ridiculous dog thought that golden raisins would be good and sometime Saturday night she ate them from the kitchen counter.  The second as I was thickening the cream of wheat I was unsure how thick was thick.  Lastly while making the carmel topping I wasn't sure when it was done.  The greatest tip I learned while making this cake was to heat the pan so that the carmel sauce spread more easily.  What a great tip!

Carmel not quite done!

When the cake was done and ready to serve my husband's only comment now was what were other people going to have for dessert!

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  1. Leslie, cute post! How's the dog fare with the raisins? You sure it was the dog and not Susanna...I hear she's sneaky that way! Wasn't the cake great? Loved it!!!