Sunday, March 27, 2011

The sauce was like an Orange Marmalade

This was one of the last recipes we made for the March French Friday's with Dorie, the two that we didn't make was the Beggar's Linguine and the Savory Cheese Bread.  The Savory Cheese Bread was the first recipe I made from this fabulous cookbook back in October.  The linguine although it sounded yummy, with the pistachios and figs, these are two ingredients that aren't necessarily on hand in my house.

However when I left the cookbook open on the page of the Scallops with caramel orange sauce one morning.  I got a call at work from my husband Robing telling me he had already bought the scallops so don't get them on the way home.  We used a couple of remaining oranges off our orange trees and went to having a great dinner of scallops, green beans and some rice.  I really thought there would be some left over but we both went back for seconds.  A friend who is also cooking along with the book also made the candied orange zest to add to the sauce.  Next time.

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  1. Leslie,your scallops look perfect! We, too, had no left overs.